American Concrete Institute (Singapore Chapter)

13 Hillview Crescent, Singapore 669437

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Founded in 1904 and headquartered in Farmington Hills, MI, USA, the American Concrete Institute is advancing concrete knowledge by conducting seminars, managing certification programs, and publishing technical documents. The American Concrete Institute currently has 98 chapters and 20,000 members spanning 108 countries.

The Singapore Chapter

The American Concrete Institute – Singapore Chapter (ACI-SC) is a non-profit making professional body formed in Singapore in 1985. This professional body was formed with an aim to promote the usage of Concrete in the local building and construction industry and also to spread the knowledge related to Concrete technology. ACI-SC took birth due to the efforts put in by Engineers working in local Concrete related industry and academia.       

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Our Current Board
Student Chapter
  • Advisor:
    Ms Li Wei
  • President:
    Zeng Xinyu (NUS)
  • Vice President:
    Justin Lew Tay Ping (NUS)
  • Honorary Secretary:
    Li Wen Kang (NUS)
  • Honorary Treasurer:
    Kaung Khant Zaw (SP)
  • Digital Innovation and Technology Director:
    Ernest Ng (SMU)
  • Project Director Lead:
    Hong Yuxin (SP)
  • Project Director Lead:
    Lan Bo (SP)
  • Project Director Lead:
    Elfiqa Shakira (SP)
  • Project Director Lead:
    Nur Shasmeen Nadia (SP)
  • Project Director:
    Gan Samuel (NUS)
  • Project Director:
    Gao Junjie (Army)
  • Project Director:
    Chua Soon Yee (SP)
  • Project Director:
    Kaung Khant Hein (SP)
  • Project Director:
    Jenise Lim Wan Ning (SP)
  • Project Director:
    Ganesh Shukvir (SP)
  • Project Director:
    Huynh Luong Trong Phuc (TP)