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ACI-SC Student Chapter Visit to Samwoh Smart Hub

ACI-SC Student Chapter made a visit to Samwoh Smart Hub on 27 Jan 2023. Samwoh Smart Hub is the first positive energy industrial building in Singapore

Samwoh, which started in the 1970s as a construction materials logistics company, is one of the leading integrated construction companies in Singapore. Samwoh is known for the construction and maintenance of roads and airfield pavements, as well as the supply of building materials. But what has distinguished Samwoh is its commitment to sustainability and willingness to invest in new technologies and innovations. 

Buildings account for around 40% of global carbon emissions, of which around a third is attributable to building materials and construction. The Samwoh Smart Hub aims to change this through innovative building design and a smart energy management system driven by AI. By optimizing the building energy consumption, the Smart Hub generates more energy than it consumes, and it is one of the few buildings in Singapore to attain the BCA Green Mark Platinum Positive Energy certification. The successful construction of the Smart Hub demonstrates what Singapore enterprises are capable of in driving innovation in and the adoption of sustainable technology.

Prior to this, Samwoh  had experimented with the use of recycled concrete aggregates or RCA as an alternative to granite for construction. The use of RCA has since been adopted industry-wide, which allows demolition waste to be fully recycled. This reduces cost, lowers the carbon footprint, and decreases our reliance on imported materials for construction.

For the Smart Hub, another good example of innovation is demonstrated with the use of Jurong Rock Cavern sedimentary rocks for structural grade concrete in the building’s construction. This special concrete is a result of an ongoing research collaboration with JTC and BCA.

Samwoh Smart Hub, which is designed with open-office concept, keeps the well-being of employees in mind. It features recreational spaces such as a gym and theatre to encourage work-life balance and a healthy lifestyle among its staff. 

ACI-SC Student Chapter has learned and benefitted from the timely visit to an iconic building that demonstrates what is possible in the future for Singapore built environment.

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