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How does new experimental method benefit our cement & concrete study?

Watch ACI-SC Director Dr Geng's Presentation at the 4th International Congress on Materials and Structural Stability & RILEM Spring Convention Rabat 2023.

Prof. Guoqing Geng is currently Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore, after being awarded his PhD at the University of California, Berkeley and working as a postdoc at PSI in Switzerland. Thanks to his international experience, Prof. Geng has developed a unique approach involving highly sophisticated techniques, such as synchrotron facilities, to investigate the morphological, physical and crystallochemical properties of cement-based materials at the nano and micrometer scales. His experimental results have provided a long-awaited validation of computational modelling aimed at defining the structure of C-S-H and C-A-S-H. The high level and high impact of his research activities have granted Prof. Geng important awards and recognitions. Prof. Geng is also active in training young talents and several members of his research group have received awards and achievements. In recognition of his involvement in the scientific community, Prof. Geng has recently been appointed as RILEM regional convener of East Asia.


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ACI-SC Director Dr. Geng Guoqing awarded 2023 Gustavo Colonnetti medal

ACI-SC Director, Dr. Guoqing Geng, who is currently Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore, has been awarded the prestigious Gustavo Colonnetti Medal for 2023. The award is given by The International Union of Laboratories and Experts in Construction Materials, Systems and Structures (RILEM, from the name in French) to researchers under 35 years old who have performed high level scientific research in the field of construction materials and structures.

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